Nov 17, 2023

Robert Purchase
3884 Woodmere Park Blvd., Unit #9
Venice, FL  34293

Attention: Robert & Jacob

Thank you again for your time today! The business development manager position for the group sounds like a perfect fit where I can leverage my skills and make a real positive impact on your bottom line and growth strategy.

As discussed, I am providing evidence of my work. The best way for me to summarize 25+ years’ experience here is to summarize some relevant projects and host the documents online for your review.


Client: Hitech Communications – (Two-way radios, LED lighting solutions, vehicle tracking)

Project: A growing company but with little online presence and social media engagement, outdated branding, and no digital/marketing strategy.

Deliverables: complete marketing strategy, entire rebrand, new logo, vehicle wraps, new website, social media setups, sales and document support for several RFP responses for large vehicle tracking contracts (about a 75% win-rate).

Duration: full time and part time consulting work over 5 years.


Sample RFP Response:

Lighting brochure:


Client: Humber Valley Resort – (350 Chalet, Canadian Golf Resort)

Project: involved in the early days of from the turning-sod stages to full operation.

Deliverables: complete international online marketing strategy, website/socials, built an online property reservation system, supplied all PC hardware, and provided overall marketing support.

Duration: 2 years


Client: LNG NL –  (Liquified Natural Gas Project) <= their site is down right now

Project: 2 Phase $10 Billion dollar LNG project

Deliverables: develop a pitch deck for Phase One – $6 Billion

Duration: 2 weeks

Pitch Deck Link


Client: Triple Nine Resources –  (Mining Company)

Project: capital raise for expansion

Deliverables: develop new corporate identity and pitch deck which was instrumental for their next phase of negotiations

Duration: 1 week

Pitch Deck Link:


Client: EnviroBlu – (Surfactant Degreaser)

Project: expansion into USA

Deliverables: website rebuild, product development for home use, capital raise for expansion, video production, marketing support

Duration: 6 months


New Website Prototype –

Pitch Deck –


Client: David Carver Films – ($20M budget Hollywood film)

Project: pitching script to investors

Deliverables: website, video production, pitch deck (my work helped raise $10M)

Duration: 3 months


Website –

Pitch Deck –


Client: AirQore Labs –  (HVAC Filter Treatment)

Project: product launch & capital raise

Deliverables: simple brochure website, pitch deck, marketing support

Duration: 6 months

Links:  Pitch Deck –


Other notable success stories from my consulting career:

(1) B2B: Lambs Rum was losing market share in

Atlantic Canada. I created the most successful product promotion in the history

of the company with a sock giveaway/contest programs/social media engagement. Over an 8 month period, the campaign resulted in 35%+ sales growth and an estimated 10% market share recapture during the promotion and 2X increase in customers trying new brand flavors.

I developed and executed on every aspect from package design to raw material sourcing to fulfillment and social media engagement.

( )

I also developed another version of this product for the B2C/ecommerce market that resulted in over $3M in revenue.

(2) Over the years, via Intel Production contracts, I managed the online concert marketing for some of the world’s leading musical acts: Aerosmith, Selena Gomez, Van Morrison, Bob Seger, and Matchbox Twenty.

(3) I trained 800 employees on site in India for Anheuser Busch. The project was for ramping up new employees on business intelligence software.

(4) I created an online sales tool for – this was used by their top sales people for closing deals on fractional jet ownership.

(5) I can also provide stewardship on product marketing collateral design if/when needed. Here is an example of a website (  and brochure (  for a client insisting on latest design trends.

(6) Here is an example of generating design assets for metrics:

(7) Also one here for an infographic for a geothermal company:

(8) Wrote a computer program for Canadian Helicopters – ( to manager their quality control for helicopter parts and for known defects. This program was used for over 10 years. 

(9) Developed an online CRM tool for customer management for sales people at a local leading insurance company. (

(10) Developed a website and an online client reservation system for a hotel (

(11) Co-wrote an online program for managing real estate escrow transactions for US title insurance companies e.g. First American Title (

(12) Developed an eCommerce site for MediSupply during the pandemic – sale of masks and PPP to airlines.

I could go and on and on with more examples but I trust that you can see my depth of experience.

Although I can be hands-on with any marketing task, I will be most valuable to your company as a growth and business developer. I have managed up to 150 staff and can also manage your marketing and ops teams if this is ever required.

I am at a stage in my career where I have completed a myriad of ONE-OFF projects and now seeking to settle in with a growth-focused company and be a core member of the management team. This experience will prove to be a definite asset to your company.

I really enjoyed our conversation today and I am also quite confident that I will integrate very well with your company culture and expansion goals.

If you require references, please advise… I can get any or all of these set up fairly quickly:

–       The CEO of HiTech Communications (Murray Caines)

–       The CEO of AirQore Labs (Dr. Stephen Browne)

–       The CEO of TrainerBox (Raymond Doucette)

–       The CEO of EnviroBlu (Kevin Aylward)

–       The developer of Humber Valley Resort (Philip Cleary)

A background check is no problem – clean record with zero crimes except for a speeding ticket or two : ) 

In short, I am a talented and hard-working family man with an excellent set of tools to bring to the table.

I look forward to working with you and playing a key role in helping you take your business to the next level via leading-edge and sustainable growth strategies.

Best Regards,



Robert Purchase, B.Econs/Business
305 849 7349